social spin at a local charity event

Glynda Henderson runs Social Spin’s Foundation. “I found my passion”, she says with a smile.

I moved here 51/2 years ago. I found a place to live and it had a laundromat but it was dirty so I looked online and found a laundromat that had 5 stars. I took my laundry there. The next day I walked back and there was this woman with her back to me and with a group of people having a morning meeting. When she turned around, she had the biggest smile on her face with dimples and it just felt good. As I was getting my change we got to talking about what they were doing. That’s when I found out that it was a purpose driven laundry mat. I asked if there were volunteering opportunities and I started volunteering every Wednesday.”

Glynda retired from a career in IT with IBM and used to be part owner in a home healthcare agency. Christy asked her to run the foundation in 2021.

She smiles and her eyes have a sparkle to them, “it feels good to help people get from point a to point b. Those haircuts have really changed peoples lives.” Among Social Spin’s partners is Clip Dart; they provide haircuts to the Social Spin community.
She shares many stories of watching people get their haircut and leave with the biggest smiles on their faces. “There was this one guy, he hadn’t had his haircut in 2 years. When he was done he came out and everyone was just hollering and clapping you should have seen the look on his face. To see the transformations from something seemingly so small.” She apologizes for tearing up, but I am tearing up too. Her care is palatable. “He just felt so good about himself. Those moments are the ones I cherish.”

Glynda tells me, “I have so many meaningful conversations with people here. Many come thinking this is a place to cool off and drop off laundry but we are there to greet them personally and we make sure to introduce them to what is happening here.”
It’s a mutual aid hub. Some people simply need clean clothes, others need food assistance and others need social support services, for example, “referrals to affordable housing, drug treatment programs, childcare, behavioral health appointments and more.” Some people just need a friendly conversation. It doesn’t matter who comes in, Glynda and her team are there. “I say don’t worry, we're going to find an answer. If this is what you are looking for, then we will find the answer, today.” Many of Social Spin’s community members have told me their own stories of how Glynda and Christy have stepped in and connected them with the support they needed.

Glynda tells me, “one time this man came in upset saying he hated his life, he couldn't get anything right, everything he did was wrong. I said, “yes you can do things right. You came in here today, I can wash your clothes and we can talk about what is going on and work to get it straightened out. So we did. We started with getting his ID, connected him with Valle del Sol and it went from there. I try to let people know, just because you are having a bad day doesn’t mean you are bad. So it’s good I get to help people turn those moments around.”

What has been the one of the most unexpected things that has happened so far with Social Spin I ask. She tells me of how Christy and her spoke to an almost-funder about this property. “We wanted to build a 5,000 square foot laundromat with a commercial kitchen and build a place for our employees to live because many have housing barriers. They came and looked at the property and said, “Dream Bigger”. “What do you mean?" we asked. They replied, “What about putting affordable housing on the property?” In later stories I will share more about Social Spin affordable housing goals.

For ways to learn more about laundry services, volunteer opportunities,or to donate please head to:

Connecting Communities. Providing Fresh Starts.

Additional notes:
Social Spin has two “arms” , a socially conscious “for-profit, purpose-driven business builds community through laundromats while also offering convenient, cost-effective and caring laundry services. Social Spin Laundromat

Started in 2021, The Social Spin Foundation’s mission is to ensure that everyone has access to clean clothes. We accomplish our mission in three ways:

  1. Promoting clean clothes as a basic human need
  2. Providing direct services to neighbors in need
  3. Serving as a model for laundromats around the World.