For your convenience, we’ve developed relationships with two local dry cleaners who believe in our purpose, and are offering Social Spin customers deep discounts (we’re talking up to 50% off!) We’re passing these savings on to you!

For dry cleaning orders only, we’ll charge a $5 convenience fee every time we process an order.

You have 2 options for dry cleaning:

Economy: You pay $2.75/per item. Typically, you’d pay $3.00/per item.

Premium: You pay 1/2 the regular price! Sample of discounted prices: 2 pc Suit $8 (typically, you’d pay $16 etc.); Shirt $3.50; Silk Shirt $4; Dress $8; Slacks $3.50; Silk Slacks $4; Skirt $3.50; Silk Skirt $3.50; Shorts $3.50; Silk Shorts $4; Pants $4; Blazer $4.50; Sport Coat $4.50; Sweater $4.50; Sweater Silk $4; Tie $2.50; Silk Tie $3

When you register for dry cleaning service, we’ll provide a reusable bag.

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